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The internet makes it easy for people to use and share each other’s work. But sometimes the law makes it hard. When you make any creative work, that work is automatically copyrighted with “all rights reserved” — whether that’s what you want or not.

But people have been adapting and building upon each other’s work for centuries. Musicians sample beats from each other’s music. Artists create collages from other people’s images. Teachers borrow each other’s activities and lesson plans. Scientists build off of one another’s results to make new discoveries. When all of the great content in the world is locked under All Rights Reserved, what’s left for us to play with? When everyone can use a work, everyone benefits from it.

Creative Commons licenses let you control your copyright: with our free licenses, you can give others permission to use your creations, with “some rights reserved” as long as they follow a few simple rules. We believe that everyone should have access to the world’s knowledge, information, and culture, and we need your help to make it happen.

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Creative Commons

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